Monday, December 3, 2012

3 Things

So it's December, which means it's the countdown to the end of this year! It's really gone by quickly, hasn't it? Personally I love December, even if it signifies the end of my favorite season, Fall. This December feels a bit strange though. Perhaps it's the fact that it was almost 60 degrees today, or perhaps it's the lack of snow? Either way, I've figured out Christmas gifts for everyone I know, and all I have to do is make them... and also take finals.
I went to Whole Foods the other day, and I found this little surprise there! This bakery is in my hometown. I always  meant to stop by, especially since Liz worked there over the summer, but I never got around to it! Liz told me earlier this semester that Cafe Indigo had just signed a contract with Whole Foods, which would mean that we could buy their sugary goodness. I wasn't expecting it so soon!  So this was definitely a very pleasant surprise, that I couldn't help but buy. I ended up getting this brand's chocolate chip cookie bar the other day as well. I can't tell which one I liked more. Next on the list: Carrot Cake? (AKA After finals treat?) 
I finally saw Skyfall on Friday night! It was the really late showing at 10:50 PM, but it was so fun! Personally not my favorite Bond movie, but I could go on about James Bond for a very long time. (Which I just might!) Either way, I loved the theme song, I loved all the callbacks to prior James Bond movies, I loved the cinematography. One thing I would change? Daniel Craig runs really weird. It somewhat ruined the serious scenes for me because he was running and looking silly. (His elbows form perfect right angles!) Also-- since Friday, I've listened to nothing but James Bond themes. I really regret nothing. 
Finally my favorite part of this past week: Penny Wars! Penny Wars is this building wide contest my dorm does, where we collect as many pennies as we can to win! Each floor is pitted against the other. The rules are: any penny or gold dollar coin counts as a positive for your floor, and silver change and dollar bills counts as a negative. When I first moved in, my RA described this contest, and my suities (girls who live in my suite) and I decided we wanted to win it. That first year, our suite alone was able to make more than 42 dollars worth of pennies! Last year, we had a similar shenanigan, as with this year! Our floor has always finished ahead of all the other floors in a drastic sweeping victory. Can't wait for next year's contest! :) 

All in all, it was a very good weekend! Now for finals and projects... I hope everyone had a good weekend! -- Sheilly 


  1. Ha, I have to find James Bond running now. :)

  2. Hi, thanks for stopping by! :) Good luck with your finals. And get that treat afterwards. ;)


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