Monday, December 24, 2012


Listening to: A Very She and Him Christmas. I'm not the biggest She and Him fan, but I do love their Christmas album. It's very nice background music for crafting and making Christmas goodies for people. :)
Watching: Season 4 of Breaking Bad. My hope is I'll catch up before this year ends. I've just finished the fourth season, and will be starting the fifth as soon as possible! 
Obsessing over: These candies! I've been waiting for them year round, and I finally got two boxes. I'm trying not to eat them all in one go, but it's hard since they're quite possibly my favorite candy! (On this note, I'm starting to think if something has the word "peppermint," I'm going to be obsessed with it...)

Merry Christmas everyone! -- Sheilly


  1. I only know a few songs from She & Him. Been thinking maybe I should download their album and listen to it while making stuff as well. Anyway, merry Christmas! ;)

    1. Definitely try them out! I think Zooey's style of singing really fits Christmas, and I do like She and Him, just not as much as I wanted to! :) I hope you had a merry holiday!

  2. Wohooo! A fellow "Mocha" blogger! :-) Nice to meet you! I hope you have very happy holidays!

    1. So very nice to meet you! Mocha-bloggers are the best! :) I hope you had a very merry holiday as well. :)


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