Saturday, December 8, 2012

Friday List... on Saturday?

Finals are next week.... AHHH! I lucked out, and only have to go to two of my finals, and the rest are either online tests or projects. Unfortunately, my two finals that I'm worried about are scary ones: Organic Chemistry and Computer Programming. Here's how I've kept myself sane:

  1. Christmas Lights are currently strung all around my room. I assure you working on coding is 100 times better when it's done in Christmas lighting. 
  2. Popcorn is the best crunching snack during orgo problems. For every correct answer, I reward myself with a handful of freshly popped popcorn. :)
  3. Frasier breaks! After every hour of studying I've rewarded myself to an episode of Frasier. Specifically the Christmas episodes because they're both seasonal and hysterical. 
  4. Apple Pie room freshner.. not a candle. It's a very soothing smell. 
  5. I painted my nails so I don't nervously bite my nails. 
  6. Dry erase markers to both create lists of what I need to do, and save paper when working on problems. 
As you may have noticed, this is under Friday lists, but I posted on a Saturday. I'm currently taking a mini hiatus this week, because it's a stressful time. I have two posts lined up for you though! So this blog will continue to be updated. :)
On a final note-- I've finished my writing course, for which this blog was created. While I can't say what I'll be receiving in that class, I can say that this blog has really helped me out. I will continue to blog because it's quite fun. I'd like to thank everyone who read this blog recently. You really have no idea how much you've helped with my project and my ideas for this writing course! If anyone is interested in reading my essay about lifestyle blogging and the creation of this blog let me know by e-mail or comment or whatever! 
I will see you in a week and a half! Good luck to anyone else suffering through finals. :)-- Sheilly

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