Sunday, December 9, 2012

Loves of My Life: James Bond

It might be the fact that I've been studying for Orgo nonstop since this Wednesday, or just the general stress stemming from finals this week, but I am on a James Bond kick. I mentioned how I finally got to see Skyfall this month and since then I've been a huge James Bond bender. I've been watching the opening title sequences, rewatching favorite scenes from my favorite ones, listening to the title songs, and wandering around campus with some spy swagger.
James Bond recently celebrated his 50th anniversary. Twenty three movies, six actors portraying James Bond, over thirty Bond girls, and the story still goes on! I grew up watching James Bond movies with my family, but most notably my mom and my brother. I've probably seen every movie at least twice, and my favorites over 10 times. I always wait for the weekend marathons on USA network or Encore, and will spend the day watching my favorite spy. 
And I realize that James Bond movies are really a guy thing. The cars, the women, the gadgets, the espionage... but I still love it. I geek over the Bond cars with my brother. (My favorite being the Astin Martin DB5. A classic!) Q is probably my favorite character in the series because his weapons never cease to amaze me, and his blatant annoyance of Bond always cracks me up. Skyfall's reintroduction of Q was perfect and it fits with the modernization of Bond. 

I truly believe I'll never outgrow watching James Bond films. Even when I was a little kid, I always wanted to become a spy just like Mr. Bond. I want to go see the world, save people, and introduce myself with my last name first. But I'll live with watching the movies and ordering a shaken not stirred martini when the time comes. -- Sheilly

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