Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Favorite Pictures of 2012

Really not much to say here. I'm not someone who likes to do posed pictures, but I love catching sunsets and random things that I deem pretty. So this is a collection of small moments that were too beautiful to see once, and have been immortalized. Enjoy! 
And last but not least: My favorite selfie shot this year...
This actually had the funniest story. My brother and I were moving into college again this year, and we had SO MUCH STUFF. We had so many tiny things at the top of everything that every turn my brother took, I was literally ducking my head in fear of getting decapitated. So naturally, I had to post this picture on Facebook, with the words: 
I'm in PERIL.
Although I think this one is a close second:
There's really no way to describe this picture. My roommate and I are the best roommates ever. 
Thanks for looking! -- Sheilly


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