Sunday, March 30, 2014

Clean(er) Eating

I am in love with food, and just want to taste anything and everything I can. I'm constantly watching the Food Network, and am in love with reading food blogs. After going off the meal plan on campus two years ago, I decided I wanted to cook as much as I could- while still maintaining school and other life obligations. And I've succeeded for the most part on those counts, by perfecting certain dishes and working on newer and more exciting palettes.

However, there's a discrepancy in what I eat, and how I lead my life. As someone who isn't the most active person, I tend to eat tons of junk food. If I can put cheese in a meal, I probably will. Pasta dishes are a weekly- even daily- occurrence. And we won't discuss cookies. (I'm practically the cookie monster.) It's definitely difficult to eat healthier, especially when a lot of the things I enjoy eating are more appealing to my really unhealthy eating habits.

(This is an all too common occurrence...)

I've never been a big fan of going on diets. While I say I can live off of salad, I really truly can't, and find myself reaching for a bag of potato chips maybe an hour after a salad. This being said, I think I've slowly started to transition to healthier/cleaner eating habits. Incorporating salads as a side to a meal, cutting back on baking cookies, and simply having more fruit has helped a ton.

However, I feel that since I'm training for a small run, and will soon be incorporating more running into my daily life, eating like I have been will not be suitable. (I mean, how many runners do you know will douse their cheesecake in whipped cream?) So while this change will be difficult, it'll be for the good in the long run.

Ideally, I would definitely follow a clean eating model, where you eat a ton of fresh and non-processed food, that lifestyle is too intense for me. I need my chocolate cookies, and Ben and Jerry's ice cream for those nights where I put off writing a history paper. I want to be able to eat healthier, without sacrificing too much of what I already eat. I've decided to work with portioning, and resizing meals. So if I'm going to make a pasta dish, I will make sure that I have double the size of salad I eat than the amount of pasta I eat. I won't eat chips and dip while marathoning How I Met Your Mother. (The struggle will be very real.) Small changes in my life will help me get into a healthier state. So naturally I typed them up, and signed my name (and made my roommate do it too).

(Framed in neon pink tape, and posted on Instagram for more serious guidance?) 

Let's see how long this lasts right? (It'll last I'm sure.)

Saturday, March 29, 2014

And I Will Run 5 Kilometers, and I Can't Walk 5 Meters More after that.

I'm running a 5k guys!
And by that I mean, I'm training to run a 5k called the Ladies Night Out Run hopefully on June 21st!

More information on the run here!

I was supposed to start training this week, but I ended up getting a nasty bout of allergies or a cold midway through the week. At the moment, I know I can do about 2.87 miles in about a half hour on a treadmill. However, it's not an easy task for me, and my legs became boneless for the rest of the day. (You know that feeling when your legs just don't work, and just feel like jelly? That's the feeling of being boneless.)

Accurate representation of me after coming back from the gym.

I got two of my friends involved in my this 5k program. My roommate (begrudgingly) will be training with me, although not to run the race. My other friend will actually be like my trainer and give me tips, and keep motivated throughout this program. I'm very excited to see where it goes, although I am also a bit nervous.

For anyone curious: I'm doing a mix of the couch to 5k training program and just regular gym goings. Once the weather in NY decides to clear up, and is a little warmer, I'm planning on running outside to increase my distance, but not speed.

Should be fun, and excruciating. YAY?

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hello Readers!

I'm back!

After last semester, I've really decided to come back to the blogging realm for good. Last semester was difficult with classes, and now I'm looking forward to continuing blogging, although a little differently.

Blogging and keeping an updated journal has been a bit difficult for me. As I've mentioned in the past, I hate hate HATE talking about the routine things I do, and often find myself annoyed at the fact that I don't have any thing interesting to share.

So far that, I am sorry. :)

However, right now 2014 has started, and I've got a couple of things on my plate.

  • As of this Spring, I am double majoring (!!!!!) in German and Bioengineering. For my senior project for German, I'm bridging the gap between science and the German language. (More specifically the terminology used in Genetics and the terms used in the German language.) To keep myself on top of this project, and make sure I'm doing it in a timely place, I've decided to blog about my findings. I've found in the past, explaining why a certain topic is important in a research paper, I've found blogging and jotting down my ideas in a blog format to be very helpful. 
  • It's my final semester here on campus at Stony Brook University. As happy as I am to graduate and go on with my studies elsewhere, I am sad to leave my friends. I've got some fun excursions and things planned with my friends that I'll be sharing here as a way to hold on to the memories for both myself and my friends. :)
  • I'm also in the process of redo-ing my whole entire wardrobe. It's been a challenging experience, but a very happy one. I'm hoping to bring my style to this blog, and maybe help add to this blog. :)
  • Last but not least, I'm writing a memoir for fun. While someday I hope to get published, at the moment it's very rudimentary. The memoir is full of silly life stories and is a huge side project. I have no timeframe for this project, but it's a silly side project that I'm happy to share with you. While I won't be posting entire parts of it here, I am hoping to add some excerpts here and there. 
Anyway, I'm glad to be back, and I'm ready to take this blog to a whole new level. Let's hope I keep up with it this time! (Really, let's hope!) 

And in case you didn't read all of that, or don't want to, here's a short summary in gif form: 

(How great was Benedict Cumberbatch's photobomb?)