Saturday, November 24, 2012

3 Things

Being home is fantastic. New Hampshire is as beautiful as ever, the view through my bedroom window is amazing, and my mother makes the best food on earth. This is why I forgot to post on Thanksgiving... like I meant to. Oops!

Sometimes I wake up with a huge hankering for pie, specifically apple pie. Earlier this year I found Apple Pie Poptarts at the Target near my university. I'm not the biggest fan of poptarts, but I will probably buy any form of apple pie if possible. So I woke up, with this strange hankering for apple pie, and unfortunately the Target near my house did not have these poptarts. (Or if they did, I missed them because it was Black Friday and I was in a mad dash to buy a blender.) I remember recalling a recipe I saw for homemade apple pie poptarts on  A Beautiful Mess, and decided today would be a fantastic time to try it out!  It was delicious. I cheated, and used a Concord Farm's Apple Crisp mix to make the filling, mainly because I was too lazy to find my cinnamon, but it was still delicious! 

I am absolutely the worst shopper on Earth. I usually find something I really like, only to not buy it because it's outside of my price range, or it's far too much than I'm willing to pay for. So to my luck, this thanksgiving I finally bought the cutest pair of boots for under 30 dollars. I'm not sure how long they will last, but I've gotten boots from Old Navy before, and they're lovely as ever. I don't usually buy shoes if I have a good pair, however, I don't have really good boots. My cowboy boots have a ridiculous heel that I can't really pull off for everyday wear, and I'm just stupidly excited for these pair of boots to come in. :)
The most exciting thing I'm looking forward to once I get out of classes this year is to come back home and craft. I guess this is one of those teaser photos as to what will come? There's so much I want to make, and so many ideas I want to try out! But first to finish this semester.

I hope everyone's had a lovely thanksgiving and a wonderful few days off... maybe! -- Sheilly


  1. I love this post! And the beadsssss. Can we please bead when I return to the 603/the country?

    1. Yes yes yes! I'm thinking some beading is definitely in order. :)


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