Sunday, November 25, 2012

It's Christmas Timeeee!

How is it possible that 2012 is almost over? It just feels like this year began, and my birthday was yesterday!  BLARGH! I swear, I didn't just come here to post a freak out about the year. This is about Christmas coming up so soon.
I feel like I have a special relationship with Christmas. My family is not Christian, and my mom and dad only celebrated Christmas with full fervor until my brother got into high school, which was when I was seven. After that point, Christmas just wasn't that big of a deal in my house. However, each year I would always badger my parents to put up the Christmas tree, to bake cookies for my neighbors, hand out Christmas cards, give presents to loved ones, make donations, and of course... wait for Santa and get my presents. But as I got older, I didn't badger my parents as much. I guess it's the addition of stress from high school that always got to me, and how I was just ready to not do anything for those two weeks off from school which included Christmas. After my first year away at college, I remember coming back and basically sleeping through Christmas day without a mention of the words 'Merry Christmas' or 'Happy Holidays.' This behavior continued the year after that.
This year, I decided to change things up. While I'm stressed as ever (I REALLY should be working on my German lit studying and fairy tale for class), I can't help but feel Christmas cheer. Maybe it's the fact that during Friendsgiving, all Amanda and I listened to was Christmas music and we spent the whole week after watching Christmas shows and movies whenever possible before leaving for Thanksgiving. Or maybe it's that adrenaline rush from elbowing someone away from my blender that I got during Black Friday. Whatever it is, I know that I woke up yesterday morning feeling the strongest urge to put up the same Christmas Tree from my childhood and decorate it with the very same ornaments that I put up over five years ago.
For anyone wondering, currently my wish list for Christmas this year includes:

  • All the seasons of Scrubs--- except season 5, because I have that one. 
  • On that note, a miniature version of Zach Braff that could yell EAGLE on demand would be amazing.... Hasbro, are you listening? 
  • Anything related to Breaking Bad, because I am so horribly obsessed.... yo. 
  • All of the James Bond OPI Nail Polishes.. for reasons
Speaking of James Bond, I have yet to see Skyfall, so I can't gush over it yet. But I think I've listened to Adele's song enough to be able to sing it perfectly from memory. (I've never looked up the lyrics!)

Anyway, if there's any point to this entry other than I really like Christmas despite everyone else in my family, it's this: It's Christmas time!!!! Be prepared! 


P.S. When I read the title to this blog post, I was thinking of Jack Skellington yelling out 'IT'S CHRISTMAS TIME' in the Nightmare before Christmas. (Specifically, the end of Making Christmas.) But then it mixed with Oprah saying it too... I really have no idea why. 

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  1. I love this post! Sheilly, your writing style is incredible. Please keep blogging!


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