Wednesday, November 14, 2012

3 Things

Mondays are usually the worst days for me. I have four classes and although I have breaks in between all of them, I’m still a frantic mess. Running back and forth between my classes, and then finally making that trek back to my room is just dreadful most of the time. To make up for this Monday’s craziness, my roommate and I decided to make mint chocolate chip cookies. They were scrumptious!
Tuesday was a wet, dreary day, but it was the perfect weather for some flannel and rain boots. Despite my love of flannel and my rain boots, my day just would not have been as happy were it not for one of my favorite pair of socks. My dear sweet friend Liz gave me a pair of socks with some bright colored hearts for my birthday two years ago, and I love wearing them when I need some cheering up.
We lost a week due to Hurricane Sandy, and we’re still working on making up for that lost week. This week I’ve got a bunch of stuff to hand in, and midterms to study for! My whiteboard has been covered in scribbles of Organic Chemistry, To Do lists, and random outlines for papers. Every little bit is usually covered except for one part. There’s one corner of my whiteboard that has my little mantra, and I’m so grateful for it!
Now off to continue writing my papers, and studying for Orgo! – Sheilly


  1. Mint chocolate chip cookies sound amazing, and your socks are fantastic! I hope you aren't too swamped with busywork. :)

  2. those cookies look delicious!


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