Friday, January 11, 2013

Three Things: Being Home

I've found it difficult in the past, to really get into different forms of projects around the house. Usually, when I'm home, I go on cleaning sprees and reorganize everything in my mom's kitchen... which drives her nuts when she's looking for something. This year, I've hit a road block in the cleaning/organizing because I can't get my hands on an over the door spice rack. 
I can't find them anywhere
So, in order to circumvent going stir crazy looking for this spice rack, I've decided to do some other house projects like painting some terracotta things my mom bought in India. This picture was from when I was still in the middle of of painting it, but it's done now!
I've also taken a new fancy to taking a lot of outdoor shots of New Hampshire as well. This one was taken as I was going into the Michael's near my house. 
I've also been baking a lot! I keep finding myself in baking aisles at Grocery stores and picking up random things, without any idea how to use them! However, I've experimented a lot, and cookies are definitely something that I've really enjoyed playing around with. So far I've made some cinnamon chip cookies, nutella stuffed chocolate chip cookies, and a pomegranate dark chocolate chunk cookie! Playing around with ingredients is definitely a lot of fun, and I love playing around with new flavors and foods. I'm going to make a peppermint mocha cookie this weekend, and if all goes well, I think I'll do a week of delicious cookie recipes for you all! 

I hope everyone's been having a great January so far!-- Sheilly

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