Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Lists: Books!

When I was in middle school, I used to attend all of my mom and dad's Indian community get-togethers. They usually comprised of pujas, housewarmings, birthday parties, dinner parties, music parties, etc. At every get together, I never had any people in my own age group to talk to, because either everyone was much older, or significantly younger. So these parties weren't necessarily too much fun for me.  
So I took books everywhere with me. My parents spoiled me, and got me as many books as I so wished, and I cannot be more grateful for this fact. While I had an iPod, my own laptop, and later a fancy new phone, my mom and dad spoiled me more with books than with anything else. (Well, maybe with clothes too, but that's something entirely different...) The one thing that I've learned to do now is to always keep a book on me, in case I'm in a position where I can get easily bored. 
However, since college started, my reading list has grown larger and has not diminished. For every one book I read, I add three books to the list. It's absolutely ridiculous! And I find I often don't read as often as I used to simply because of my brain getting over worked during the semester with studying. (I swear, this totally happens. This winter break, I didn't write as much I as usually do, only because I had to do a 25 page behemoth essay, and the sight of my keyboard made me want to gag... well maybe not, but it felt like it!) However, my new year's aspiration this year was to read more, and I am sticking to it! I just finished reading some more Camus (The Fall) this week, as well as reading my Genetics textbook for fun. 
Anyway, for this Friday list, I'll share with you some books that I currently have on my "WANT TO READ" pile, and as always, please do share if you have any books you would think would be fantastic for me to read as well! 
This section's the fun list, because it's mainly light-hearted, fictional, not too serious stuff.

This is a group of biology/scientific books that I'm waiting to get my hands on. Some of these books are some that I've wanted to read for a while, and others are some that I've heard about in passing and really want to know more about! :)

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