Monday, January 7, 2013

Pomegranate Limeade

If you haven't noticed, I'm a bit obsessed with pomegranate. Last year I found some interesting ways to utilize the fruit after putting them in a salad for Friendsgiving. While some didn't go as well (pomegranate salsa...), I still haven't given up! Today I tried making pomegranate limeade, and it was so good!

Now every recipe I've seen for this limeade has always utilized the pomegranate in juice form. And while I love pomegranate juice, I find it too sweet at times and I just love pomegranate arils and how juicy they are!

Needed: Pomegranate arils, one lime, sugar, and ice.

Start by getting the juice from your lime. I found cutting it in fours and squeezing them out worked better than any other way. After that add sugar and water, to your liking.

For the pomegranate portion, I took a couple of the arils out, and put them in a little cup of water with sugar to create a syrup. I let that sit for a couple of minutes before combining it with the limeade. Once I stirred the syrup and limeade together, I served it with ice and pomegranate arils.

Some fun things you can try with this recipe is to freeze the arils just a bit before serving. Put them on a tray and stick them in your freezer for like 10 minutes. It makes this drink so much more refreshing.


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