Friday, January 18, 2013

3 Things

I usually do pictures for these posts, but I just needed to have this song here. I don't know why, but this whole week I've been going on YouTube to hear this song far too often. It may be because I saw the episode of How I Met Your Mother with this song just the other day, and it's reminded me of the sheer catchy-ness of this song.
I finally finished my Christmas shopping! And by that I mean, I finished it for my college friends! I've decided to make some cookies and give them in tiny boxes to some people, some bracelets and earrings I've made, and my roommate gets some rather silly things I've found! The bag up there just screamed to me, despite it being a Valentine's Day bag, I thought it was perfect for her!!!
I got my Genetic Engineering book! I got my Genetic Engineering book! I got my Genetic Engineering book!
Sorry, I'm really excited for this class, and looking through the textbook is even more exciting. I had it shipped to my house, and when I opened it, my dad said I looked like a kid at Christmas. I'm already on chapter two... :) 
-- Sheilly

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