Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Lists

My window currently looks like... well, I guess the best way to describe it is by showing a picture of it.
As you may have guessed, I'm currently in the middle of battling "Superstorm Nemo." Not to fret, as a true New Englander, and former Midwester (Grew up in Nebraska, holla... yeah that felt weird, and I will never do that again!), I'm quite used to intense snow storms and somewhat enjoy them.
To combat being snowed into my dorm room, quite literally, I've found a couple of ways to stay sane these past few years, and this Friday list is all about that.
Because I love sharing that kind of stuff.
Also because I really need to stop going online shopping. Like really.

  1. Edward Scissorhands is a must for a snow day. Why? The ending of the movie. That's really it. I realize that it could be a Christmas movie too, but I think it's a snowy day movie. 
  2. Fuzzy blankets are also necessary. Just wrap it around you like a cloak, and wear it all day long, it's the best. 
  3. Hot chocolate is everyone's go to on a snow day. If you're over 21, might I suggest a shot of Bailey's in it?  Makes it taste even better. :) 
  4. Cupcakes, cookies, whatever you can find that's sugary goodness. Personally I love baking my own, but if it's store bought, that's okay too. 
  5. Flannel pajamas and fuzzy boots are the best for keeping warm and cozy. I think being surrounded by the coldness makes us want to turn to something like flannel.. or maybe that's just me. 
  6. Yarn or crafting stuff, because being left indoors for hours does get boring at times. Might as well do something somewhat creative right? 
  7. Textbooks, books, etc. You might as well be somewhat productive as well right? 
  8. Painting your nails is always an option all the time. (Also, the color shown there is Snow Globe by China Glaze. If you love glitters, I would highly suggest it because it makes your nails look like snow globes! It really does!) 
  9. Always go sledding on snow days, but make sure you have your winter gear! 
  10. And by winter gear, I am including lip balm. Because as much as I love the snow and cold, I hate the dryness of the air, and eventual chapped lips. I love the Badger Balm company quite a bit, because they smell good, and they don't have harsh chemicals like some other chapsticks. If you're going for long lasting power, go with the cocoa butter lip balm because it's amazing! 
If you're dealing with Nemo, stay safe out there! 
-- Sheilly

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