Saturday, February 9, 2013

My Parents are literally the Best.

I took a small hiatus from blogging these past two weeks mainly because I'm getting adjusted to campus life again! A lot of it was getting used to my schedule and my classes, but this semester I've also started a job, which has been hard to get used to.
Currently my schedule looks like this:
It doesn't look horrific right?
The funny story about this picture is that my schedule is so big that it can't actually fit in the screen shot. Hah.
But I am not here to complain about that!
Last week, I just had a bunch of series of misfortunes starting from forgetting my lab notebook at home for my biology lab to ending with my beloved bag from freshmen year breaking. The first things didn't phase me, but towards the end of the week, after misfortune after misfortune started piling up, I started getting annoyed and a bit down.
But I am not here to complain about that either!
My mom and dad have always been super supportive of me, from every decision I've ever made to just listening as I ranted about a really tough orgo question on my homework. They're level headed and calm, and I appreciate everything they do so much.
This week, after I mentioned my beloved bags unfortunate demise, my dad forwarded me a receipt of a replacement bag that my mom chose out. It's perfect, and basically everything I needed in a bag. Here's a picture:

The craziest thing about it is that I didn't even ask about getting a replacement bag, they just went ahead and ordered me one.
I usually gush about my parents all the time to my friends, but I think it's not enough.
My parents are literally the best. <3

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