Friday, April 5, 2013


Hello all!

This semester has been hectic with quite a few ups and downs. Similar to a sine curve, like my dad always says. (We're just a big family of nerds, alright?)

So what's new with Iced Peppermint Mocha?

Here are a list of TINY changes:

  • Rearranged the site. I put links on the left, the logo is huge now, and there's a new picture of me! 
  • Got rid of some things that didn't work. This blog was an experiment, and some things were bound to fail while other things didn't really click. I'm excited to see what new things will pop out now!
  • I got bloglovin' all set up. So if you have one, please follow me here! If you've got a blog and you want me to follow, please leave your link in the comments! I'll definitely follow back. :) 
  • I was also able to score the tumblr site! This is exciting, and I'm following a bunch of people. I've used the site before, but I'm planning on posting things similar to what I would post here. And also funny things. A lot of funny things. :) 
  • I'm still working on cookie recipes, especially with different flavors and what not. I had to write up my favorite cookie recipe in german the other day, and it was still good! So, expect cookie week in the near future. 
  • I'm also revamping the way posting is going to work out. Minor details, but more posts. Be excited. :) 
I'm heading off to NYC for the weekend. I'll be back soon. (Probably Monday!) 

Have a nice weekend :)

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