Friday, September 6, 2013

Blogging Senior Year

This year is my final year of college (yikes!) and while it's just the beginning, I already have done a couple of my 'lasts'. (Like my 'last' Labor Day weekend, 'last' first day of classes, 'last' move in day.) It's been fun, because I've been trying my best to keep positive by not dwelling on how things will be drastically different next year. It does help that classes have resumed in full swing!

I've got a couple of fun things planned for this year including Friendsgiving, Oscar night, and a couple of small little get togethers with friends from here. (like Disney movie night, and watching the Breaking Bad finale). I still have the same roommate as last year, and am living in the same room as well so there haven't been too many changes! Classes are a lot more different and juggling what I need to do class wise and future wise has been a challenge. Oh well.

Some things I'm hoping to do with this blog for this year:

  • New design. 
  • More posts!
  • Write more about my classes, and Stony Brook in general. 
  • Have more fun with it!
So readers, that's where I am mentally at the moment. So we'll talk again soon/ I'll write some more soon?

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